3 Things Your Bar Cart Needs

Bar carts are the most fun way to feel like you’re having a party in your house 24/7. It’s a place to display fancy glasses, stock your favorite spirits and store items that keep you on hand to indulge in happy hour any night of the week. It should be both whimsical and practical! Today I’m focusing on whimsical with a few of my favorite essentials. And if you don’t have a bar cart, don’t fear, all of these items are just as perfect to use in your entertaining space or decorating for a party.

  1. Unique Cocktail Glasses. Save the plain glasses for everyday use and upgrade with these cocktail glass that are a little more special. I love the Pop Fizz Clink mantra, they set the mood for fun! I also love these Down the Hatch and Easy Tiger wine glasses. Quick Tip: I think these are a great double duty item, your guests can use them while at your party and then take them home as a party favor!
  2. Fancy Tray. On your bar cart you will have extra things like straws, bottle opener, and stirrers; I love a nice tray to store all of it, as opposed to it floating around on the surface of your cart.
  3. Glass Water Bottle. I hear you should hydrate while sipping a cocktail? What better way to remind yourself then to use this glass water bottle. Bottoms up!

The super cute signs you see in the image are custom order through my Etsy shop, head on over and send me a message. I love to collaborate!


xoxo – Megan

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