DIY Floral Crown

The instigator of learning how to make these adorable floral crowns was a Bachelorette party I had the pleasure of participating in. They ended up being so colorful and a fun accessory for all of us girls to wear while celebrating all over Fort Worth! I chose faux flowers so they would be durable and a keepsake for all of us to have. Cause who doesn’t need a floral crown hanging around just in case?!


Faux Flowers. Choose any you’d like, be sure to get a mix of sizes within your floral selections. I wanted to have white for the bride, and ended up finding yellow, peach and hot pink. It created a really awesome ombre color palette!

Wire Cutters

Floral Tape. Choose a color that matches your stems, I used green.

Headbands. I found mine at Forever 21.

Floral Crown DIY Supplies


Step 1: Using your wire cutters, cut your stems down to about 6″ long, you will trim off the extra as you add them to the headband. This helped give me a clear picture of what I had to work with, by color. As I mentioned, it’s best to have a few sizes of flowers to work with as you’ll need the smaller buds to fill in some spaces so the crown looks really full.

Floral Crown DIY Step 1

Step 2: Using your floral tape (which is AMAZING by the way) start with your biggest flowers and adhere them to the center of the headband. You’re creating a focal point with the biggest flowers. Place the stem on your headband and start wrapping. You can see how I added a big flower, than filled in with the smaller ones around it.

Floral Crown DIY Step 2

Step 4: Place the stem, wrap in floral tape, trim the extra stem, and repeat! Keep filling in until you’re happy with the result. Quick Tip: I tried them on a few times as I was placing the flowers to make sure the shape was coming along nicely.

Floral Crown DIY Step 3When you’re finished up, I used my floral tape to cover the headband one more time so it was all smooth. And that should do it! Super easy, right?!

Floral Crown DIY Finished

For commissioned floral crowns, give me a shout at, I had so much fun making them I would love to whip up a few for your party or special event!


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