DIY Ivy Letters | Bringing Outdoor Elements Indoors

I love to find ways to bring outdoor elements into my home, I think it makes a space cozy and inviting. While traveling I’ve seen these beautiful ivy walls, I swoon over this hotel in Austin every time I’m there. But, like most of you, I don’t have an entire wall I can dedicate to lush green foliage. After a lot of brainstorming on how I could achieve the same aesthetic, I decided to add a beautiful boxwood leaf to a set of black wire letters I had. I love how they turned out, and I think they bring a bit of the outside, indoors!

They are super quick to make and incredibly easy to construct, here are the instructions!


Wire Form Letters: choose a fun word or initials, I chose YUM as they are hanging in my kitchen. But PLAY, HOME, or GARDEN would be super cute! I found mine at Hobby Lobby.

Boxwood Leaf Mat: feel free to choose any foliage you like. Quick tip, make sure to choose something that is the same depth of your letters, otherwise the shape of the letter could become distorted and difficult to read. These are 12×12, I needed 2 mats to complete the project.

Wire & Scissors



Step 1: Use the letters of your word as a guide for which letter to start with. I chose the letter that would give me the most amount of mat leftover after I cut it. You want to make the most use of your mat with all the letters, so take a minute to plan which letter will be placed on a full mat, and which one you can use the scrap pieces of mat. Curved lines, harder to use scraps. Straight lines, very easy.

Lay your first letter on the Boxwood mat. You’ll want to line up the letter as close to the edge of your mat as possible. Depending on what letter you have, it could be horizontally or vertically. The goal is to make as few cuts as possible (so it’s easier for you) and to have leftover pieces of the mat.

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Step 2: Continue laying your letters on top of each mat and trim. I found when I pushed the mat through the letter, they fit really snug. So I didn’t end up needing the wire for some of the letters which made this even easier!

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Step 4: For the last letter, you are going to use all the scrap pieces. So gather those up! Start with your longest pieces (still connected by the mat) and place them into your letter. It’s ok if they don’t fit 100%, you will use wire later to secure them.

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Step 5: Once all the pieces are placed, use your wire to connect the parts on the back of the letter so they fit tightly within your wire frame. Remember, these are most likely hanging on a wall so the wall itself will provide additional support.

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And voila, you’re done! If you need to adjust the leaves, feel free to. I had to do a few tucks and pulls around the wire frame to get the little branches just right.

finished up


Hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial! If you have any questions, please give me a shout at!

xoxo – Megan


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