DIY Marble Contact Paper

If you’re like me, you have always associated contact paper with shiny stuff that lines shelves and drawers, purposeful but not cute. Until…I found white marble contact paper! now, I cover anything I can think of with this stuff! What’s great is it helps make things completely functional as well as being aesthetically pleasing. For example, I wanted marble trays for my kitchen and bathroom, but didn’t want the bulk of real marble trays. Now, I find the cork tray shape I want and cover it with the marble contact paper. I’ll walk you through the steps, it’s so easy!

Supplies: Everything you need can be bought by clicking on the links provided!

Marble Contact Paper

Cork Tray. Honestly, you can cover anything. Journals, glass, paper so choose whatever you’d like. The DIY instructions will still apply!


Supplies copy

Step 1: Roll out your contact paper, with the underneath side facing you, to the length you need to cover your surface. And peel back the paper exposing the sticky side of the marble paper.


Step 2: Lay your object on the sticky side of the paper, press firmly, and do a “rough trim.” You’ll clean up the edges in a minute. Quick Tip: I chose lay my tray on a bigger piece and then cut and trim the paper. Another method is to trace your object on the paper, cut it to the shape you need. Then peal the paper back exposing the stick side, and apply the contact paper. But I didn’t trust myself to line the paper up perfectly to my shape. And if I didn’t, I would get these awful wrinkles in the paper and basically have to start over. This was the easier way for me!


Step 3: Flip it over and smooth out the paper, trim the edges as close as possible to your object.Image-1-2

Voila, you’re done! Super simple, right? Now, go look around your space for anything you can cover with white marble contact paper!

xoxo – megan


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