DIY Marble Paper

We all know how big of a crush I have, along with the rest of the world, on anything marble right now. I had heard about how simple it was to DIY your own marble paper, but oh my word, I couldn’t believe just how simple it really was! As I went through the steps I was imaging all the unique colors I could marble and incorporate into a custom invitation design using this technique. Here are the quick steps so you can start marbling your own paper like a pro!


Shaving Foam. I literally grabbed what was in the spare bathroom, which happened to be men’s shaving cream that starts as a gel. If this is all you have, do not dismay. Just work the gel a bit and it turns to foam!

Food Coloring. In my research, I haven’t found a caution toward any specific brand. I’d grab what you have and give it a try! And of course, choose your color to coordinate with your project!

Ruler & Butter Knife

Sturdy Paper Plate & Paper Towel. As far as the paper plate goes – be sure the size coordinates with the size of the paper you want to marble. You want to be able to press your paper into the foam without it hitting the sides or foam overflowing.

Envelopes or Paper. Any type of paper you want to apply the marble pattern to. I’d start with envelopes, as I did, or card stock. Printer paper, 25lbs or less, may be difficult as it’s pretty light in weight.

DIY Marble Paper Supplies

Step 1: Fill you paper plate with shaving foam and add a few drops of food coloring. I want so stress how few drops you need. I learned that I should have used less to get the lighter, more natural marble effect. But good news, just add more shaving foam to balance out too much food dye!


Step 2: Using a butter knife, incorporate the dye into the foam. I used brush like strokes as to not turn all of the shaving foam grey. Easy way to imagine it, act like you are cutting the foam like a pan of brownies (yum!). This will give you cool lines in the foam and create the marble look pretty easily.

diy marble paper step 1a

Step 3: Lightly press your paper into the foam.

DIY marble paper step 2

Step 4: Lift the paper out of the foam. Then, using your ruler, work from top to bottom and scrape the foam off of your paper. Don’t be scared, the color will remain on your paper, just focus on cleaning off the foam. Set the paper aside to dry on a clean paper towel. Quick Tip! DO NOT get water near your paper, it ruins the marbling effect. I had a few pieces I had to throw out because a drop or two got on them.

diy marble paper intro diy marble paper step 3

And that my friends, is the simple process for marbling your own paper! A few things I learned in testing different techniques to get the marbling just right…

  • less is more with the food dye.
  • keep working your food dye and foam together after each dip, it will give you a really nice variance in marble patterns that ends up looking pretty cool!
  • If your foam gets too dark or is taking on too much of the color, just add more foam to balance it out. Or start over with your mixing, no shame in that!
  • embrace how messy this DIY is, just embrace it.

diy marble envelopes

Have fun and enjoy marbling your own paper!

xo – megan

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    June 13, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Awesome tutorial! I am also obsessed with marble and have been looking at ways to do my own diy marbled paper. Definitely going to try this out myself 🙂

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