DIY Marble Tray

White marble is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. Over the past year or so it’s become a significant home decor trend, and for good reason! It’s simple, sophisticated and fits into so many different decorating styles. I love mixing natural/rustic elements with modern pieces, white marble is a great place to start in balancing those two aesthetics. I decided I wanted to add white marble into more places in my home, so I started by doing some good ‘ole Pinterest research. I fell into a dream land of resurfacing every available space in my home with white marble. It was a lovely dream, but not an actual option for me. Next best? Find inexpensive and easy (non permenant) ways to incorporate it into my home. Challenge accepted.

We’ll start with this fast and easy marble tray. I made a few other things I’ll share with you over the upcoming weeks!

Supplies: Click on each supply to purchase everything you need!

White Carrara Marble tile. If you prefer to pick one up instead of ordering online, they have the tiles at Home Depot.

Grey Felt. You can use any color felt you’d like, I’d keep it a darker color tone.

Drawer Pulls. I found mine at Home Depot but these are very similar. I love the brass finish against the white marble, but feel free to pick any that you like. Be sure to purchase drawer pulls that do not show the hole for the nail though.

Liquid Nail

Scissors & Pencil

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Step 1: Trace your tile on the grey felt and cut the felt along the line you’ve marked. Cut on the inside of the line, you’ll want the felt to be just a bit smaller than your tile so it doesn’t extend beyond the edges of your tile.

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Step 2: Flip your tile over. Using the liquid nail, apply a line of glue to all four edges and a line down the center. The liquid nail spreads when you apply pressure, keep that in mind when you’re covering the tile. It’ll spread itself out once you push the felt on. Grab your felt and lay it on top of the glue.

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Step 3: Add your handles. Using the drawer pulls, mark the inches above and below the drawer pulls and match those measurements on both sides of the tile. This will ensure your handles are even. Mine were even with about 2.5″ of tile above and below each drawer pull. This will change depending on the length of drawer pull and size of tile you choose.

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Step 4: Wait ever so patiently for the liquid glue to set, it will need 24 hours. Don’t get too excited and try to lift the tray using the handles before then, they will fall off. I speak from personal experience, patience is not my strength.


All done! Mine is sitting on my reclaimed wood coffee table, the perfect juxtaposition against the smooth white Carrara marble.

More marble DIY fun on the way…cork tray, flower pots and coasters, oh my!


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