DIY Tassel Keychain


This weeks DIY is all about my love for tassels. What better way for them to make a daily appearance in my life than on my key ring?! Follow the steps below for this super cute and easy DIY tassel keychain.

Supplies: Click on each supply to purchase exactly what you need!

Suede Cord. As a guide for the amount, you will need 3, 10″ strands to make one key ring.

Gold Key Ring

Gold Crimp Bead. These aren’t necessary to constructing the keychain, I added a few randomly to the ends of the suede cord for an extra dose of gold.




Step 1: Cut your suede cord into 10″ strips.

step 1

Step 2: Take 3 strands of suede cord and fold in half, creating a loop.

Step 2

Step 3: Put the loop through the key ring and flip the ends back through, underneath the loop.

Step 3

Step 4: Pull tightly to secure the “knot” you’ve just made.

Step 4

Step 5: Smooth out the front of the knot so the suede cord lays flat. Now, I should be telling you you’re done, voila! Good job! But, there is one more step that I will pass along to you…you will need to add a dot of hot glue underneath the knot. When I used my awesome new keychain it became not so awesome as the knot loosened with use. So, my solution was to add a dot of hot glue underneath the front of the knot. It worked like a charm! But, this means you will have to attach your tassel keychain to a bigger key ring holding your keys. The hot glue secures the suede to the key ring making the ring stationary.  Function is so annoying sometimes.

Step 5

None the less, I still love this DIY, it definitely amps up the cool factor on my key ring!


Readers Bonus: I have 12 tassel keychains made and only need one, if you’d like one of these beauties give me a shout at and I’ll send a free one your way!

xoxo – megan

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