Easter Egg Decorating

Easter is right around the corner! Each year I try to revamp my Easter egg decorating and for the first time I used glitter. I’m not sure why it took me so long, but it was so fun! In addition to glitter, I used a paint pen and yarn. So many different mediums, but I really love how they all go together. I kept a consistent color palette of gold, silver, black and white. Which helped keep all the textures working together. There are 4 types all together, If you like one particular decorating style more than another, skip right to those instructions, I broke them all down separately. Here’s the how-to!

Easter Egg Decorating


White faux Easter Eggs

Black Paint Pen

Black & White yarn. Feel free to use any color yarn you like!

Black Electrical Tape

Liquid Gold leaf paint


Hot Glue Gun

Paint Brush

Black & White Yarn Easter Egg

Gather your yarn, egg and hot glue gun. The gist, you will apply a line of hot glue and wrap the yarn (rather quickly) on top of the hot glue. I use a low temp glue gun, so if I happen to touch the glue it doesn’t burn. I didn’t pre-measure my yarn, I just kept a good amount of slack. My generous estimate would be that I used one yard of yarn for one egg. That’s it!

Easter Egg Decorating Step 1Easter Egg DIY Step 2Easter Egg Decorating Step 2

Typography Easter Egg

Grab your paint pen and creativity! I used a fine point black paint pen and wrote festive Easter phrases on the eggs. Pack a steady hand as well! A few more ideas if you don’t want to do a phrase or hashtag. They would be an adorable place card for Easter lunch, or write 2016 and keep the tradition going each year. Your options are limitless!

Easter Egg Decorating Step 4

Liquid Gold Leaf Easter Egg

To be honest, this one didn’t end up being my favorite. But I do like the pop of gold in the mix! You will need your eggs, tape, liquid gold leaf and a paintbrush. I cut my tape into 1/2″ (wide) strips and started wrapping randomly around my egg. I guess I was going for an “abstract” look?! Once your tape is in place, paint on the liquid gold leaf. Let the paint dry and remove the tape! I also did one with random brush strokes, I think that one turned out pretty cool! Moral of the story, just experiment and go with it. There is no right or wrong way to do this!

Easter Egg Decorating Step 8Easter Egg Decorating Step 9Easter Egg Decorating Step 11

Silver Glitter Easter Egg

This one is my favorite! You’ll need your eggs, glitter and Elmer’s glue. Take your glitter and pour a generous amount into a small bowl. Grab your egg and Elmer’s glue, you’ll want to drizzle your glue onto one end of your egg and then place it in the bowl of glitter. I moved the egg in a circle motion to cover all of the glue with glitter, it’s what helped create the cool high’s and low’s in the glitter pattern on the egg. Shake off the extra glitter and you are done!

Easter Egg Decorating Step 5Easter Egg Decorating Step 6Easter Egg Decorating Step 7

Hope you enjoyed these fun Easter egg decorating options!

xoxo – megan

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