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I like to be surrounded by things that are fancy and keep my organized. My mother always taught me, “An organized environment is a happy environment!” As crazy as that sounded when I was a kid, I’ve grown to find out how true that saying really is. So when it comes time mix up my desk decor, I try to make sensible choices and balance organization with a dose of pretty.

Find a color palette or pattern that inspires you and build your office decor space from there. Ever constant in my love for a neutral palette, the colors of my desk decor are solid white, solid gold, and white marble as my pattern.

Here are the pieces that keep me focused, organized and happy in my studio space!

Gold wishbone paperweight, haven’t you been asking yourself why you don’t already own one of these? It’s a fun little accessory that mixes in well, and also serves a function, bonus!

Gold quote print, written by Me! It’s important to find a phrase or quote that keeps you going. I can’t think of a better place to display my quote print than where I spend the majority of my day, at my desk. Head on over to my Etsy shop to inquire about your very own custom quote print. This one I did in gold ink on a 6×6 Ivory textured heavy paper.

Russell + Hazel white marble binder, I have the month at a glance and weekly pages to fill the binder. Plus a few pocket folders, and the address pages, and stickers. And maybe binder clips. This brand (and design) is clearly a favorite. But, I grew in what I put into this binder over time. I started out with just the month at a glance and then added the weekly pages because the additions became functional. Baby step your way into the investment so nothing goes to waste!

Get ‘er Done notepad by The Social Type, this company makes the cutest stationary! I also have this one. They make awesome gifts, just ask my friend Erin, she gave me both and I heart her for it.

Swell Water Bottle. Now this my friends, is a water bottle I can get on board with. Think of it as the girly version of a Yeti. It’s pretty and definitely helps keep me on track with that water goal for the day!

Whatever you decide to place in your office, make sure it reflects your personality, adds value to your space and life!

xoxo – Megan

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