How to Make a Terrarium

I used to be intimidated by terrariums, for some reason the idea of layering rocks, moss, soil and a plant in a beautiful glass piece made me too afraid to try. Well, I’m here to tell you, they are just about the easiest table top plants to make! I did my research on how to make a terrarium, especially the supplies. What was a nice to have and what was a must have? I chose a glass terrarium with an opening, and awesome paneling, so I was able to substitute the difficult to find supplies for easy to find supplies I had on hand. If you choose a closed terrarium, be sure to do your research on what you will need. There’s a whole chemistry thing involved with a closed container, so good luck with that.

My anecdotes are listed with each supply. By no means do I call myself an expert, these are just the simple explanations for why you need the supplies you need as I understood them 🙂


Glass Terrarium. I found mine at Hobby Lobby, but here & here are a few other ones that are similar and just as awesome.

Rocks. Any type of rock will work, but you don’t want anything smaller than a quarter. The goal of the rocks is to provide drainage and keep the moss from sitting in water. Succulents thrive in dry environments, so if they are sitting in water, they will most likely not survive.

Live Moss. The live moss retains the moisture and keeps the water available to the soil.

Succulent. I would choose your plant based on the size of container you have. And of course, your preference from an aesthetic perspective!

* I did not use charcoal rocks. You only need charcoal rocks if you have a closed terrarium. This goes back to that chemistry thing I was talking about earlier.

How to Make a Terrarium Supplies


How to Make a Terrarium Step 1



Step 1: Layer your rocks at the bottom of your container, cover the entire base





How To Make a Terrarium Step 2




Step 2: Add your moss on top of the rocks.




How to Make a Terrarium Done




Step 3: Place you succulent on top of the moss. I broke up the soil around my succulent to reduce how deep the succulent was, basically until I reached the roots of the plant. Then placed it in my terrarium, and pushed (gently) to secure the soil on top of the moss.




That is it my friends! From my research, you only need to water these when the soil is dry to the touch. Easiest fancy plant ever, right? Have fun!

xo – megan

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